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Food is the life force, but certain foods pose serious threat to health if un-avoided. Celebrities are normal human beings idols; we tend to follow their fitness regime just to look like them. Then why not follow their food habits too. They simply say don’t settle for everything you come across instead choose your diet accordingly to keep hazardous health diseases at bay. They say it in simple manner if the ingredients name you cannot pronounce or you don’t know you should not eat.

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Celebrities’ notion is “Eat best food and live long, healthy and best life”. Certain foods which are shunned by the celebrity fraternity are as follows:

Avoid non-organic meat: Packaged Meat at the super market is something to be looked at. Do not indulge in buying that packet, the meat contains meat glue from different animals or sheep’s or fish glued together. This might shoot meat contamination affecting your health.

Avoid Dairy: Dairy products are a strict no for these celebrities. Dairy products are full of sugar, the body will use the lactose first which might leave you gassy or bloating. If consumed they will surely have digestive issues so it is worth avoiding as being adults they do not have the power to completely utilize the protein present in the dairy products like cheese, yogurt etc.

Avoid Manufactured/Processed foods: Manufactured foods are difficult to digest. To reduce extra calories one will develop craving to consume more foods with fats or sugar. They instead like to binge eating of diet foods such as oats, yam, lean steaks, fruits, veggies, fish or chicken.

Avoid Fried foods: They are clear about what should go into their diet, they normally avoid fried and fatty items. These items are made of trans- fat which is scary and very bad for health in the long run.
They never eat refined sugar: Celebrities say no to refined sugar, our bodies need fresh and organic foods. Refined sugars do no good to our bodies instead they add calories which become difficult to burn. For energy and fuel to the body consume organic foods.

Avoid flavored Yogurt: Yogurts from the market are filled with sugar, so celebrities keep themselves away from such products.

Avoid Banana and Grapes: Banana is a dense fruit without edible skin and less in fiber this fruit will leave you asking for more and grapes a citrus fruit with special sugar called dextrose and this has highest glycemic sugar that goes into the body hard to lose. Both these fruits do not find a place in the celebrity diet chart.

A big no to refined carbs: Celebrities generally avoid carbs in their diet, when fried or processed carbs foods such as bread, croutons, crackers etc add sugar into your body as soon as they enter. Such foods are available in the market they like to keep it away from their dining table as they easily create inflammation and cause dreaded diseases.
Celebrities avoid margarine because it is fully loaded with trans fat and empty calories, trans fat is not advisable to consume.

Avoid Aerated and all soda drinks: Drinking diet soda or other diet or energy drinks have immense sugar, consumption of such drinks leads to hypertension, dental decay and bone retention/loss, it might also lead to stroke and weight accumulation. Not a good thing for a healthy living or healthy diet.

They surely never eat Gluten: Gluten is awfully bloating; items like waffles, pancakes, cereals and muffins are filled with gluten. Such foods will add weight and also make you sleepy.
Eat healthy and stay fit is the only mantra of all the Celebrities.


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