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What Causes Dark Circles of Eyes ?

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Concerned about Dark Circles of Eyes? Daily Habits that Cause Dark Circles of Eyes

First signs of ageing appear near the eyes, it is one of the most delicate parts of the face. Dark circles make you look lifeless, tired, unhealthy and aged. Cosmetics can be used to reduce dark circles but some of the daily habits contributing to cause dark circles and bags should be considered. Recheck daily habits to avoid dark circles.

Sodium rich foods at night – Eating a meal with too much of salty dishes will lead to puffiness of eyes. Avoid a packet of chip before you sleep because increase in sodium makes us hold more water to thin down the sodium causing bloating, this water will settle around the face giving a bloated look in the morning.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach– Lack of sleep is not the only cause of puffy eyes, people sleeping on the stomach also get puffy eyes because the fluids gets collected under the eyes. Sleeping on the back or sides is the best way to avoid puffiness and uniform bold circulation is possible when you follow sleeping on the back.

Smoking – Smoking speeds aging around the eyes, apart from being major health issue it causes major blood vessels to appear blue in our eyes. Nicotine leads to unrest, improper sleep and fatigued eyes.

Wrong application of serums and eye creams – Using eye creams and eye serum in wrong way leads to dark circles and eye infection. If applied correctly maximum benefits can be achieved. During application pulling or stretching the skin might cause fine lines and wrinkles at early stage. Always use your ring finger to apply the product into the orbital bone area, please make sure fingers are clean before applying the product.

Over rubbing of eyes – Do not harshly rub your face. To wipe our face we often rub it harshly with a towel, the skin around the eyes during tugging can cause sagging. If rubbed coarsely it might be bruised and lead to dark circles. Gently pat dry your face for good results.
Concerned about dark circles of eyes?

Consumption of AlcoholOver consumption of alcohol causes dryness and dilation of blood vessels. It causes bloating around the eyes just like sodium rich foods. The dryness shows up on the face and also causes wrinkles and sagging, moderate drinking is good.

Remove makeup before sleeping – The biggest beauty sin is not getting the makeup off from the face. Overnight makeup can cause inflammation around the eyes causing puffiness, dryness and irritation.

Hot shower directly on the face is not good – After a long day we want to have a hot shower to feel relaxed, but hot water directly hitting the face is not good. Hot water and steam cause puffiness, it can damage the skin causing wrinkles and fine lines. During winters avoid face for that hot water shower.

Excessive sun intake – Direct contact with sun can cause damage to the skin, harsh sunlight damage the skin under the eyes which is very thin. If yu are prone to pigmentation direct sun can worsen the condition. Use SPF whenever you step out of the house and pair of sunglasses is advisable.

To have healthy eyes sleep well, eat well and take care of yourself



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