Issues of Exploitation & Cheating in Modelling and Glamour !

exploitation in modelling
The Bitter Reality Behind Glamour, Sensation and Modelling is exploitation.

Fake Promises, broken payments, misleading assignments Sexual exploitation… and harassment.  Surviving away from homes and family without being paid on time. This is modeling meri Jaan !While most of issues we hear in industry often comes under fire for stringent weight loss, eating disorders, drug and alcohol overdose abuse and unprofessional behavior including unwanted sexual advances, but problems go far beyond that. This video tells the reality of a struggling model, who wasted too many years in industry and was being subject to constant abuse, harassment and exploitation

Dealing Outrageous agency commissions and living expenses that eat away major earnings… And at end of day, no one to help and standby tough situations, this is sad story many models encounter in routine life.Most of Models allege that abuses like these run frequent in the modeling industry, India is no exception. Its an unorganized sector and industry where many models and aspirants feel more like indentured glamorous servants than the high fashion icons young girls around the world dream of becoming.


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How to Get Modelling Assignments & Get Paid