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9 Hollywood Celebrity Beauty and Makeup Secrets

Hollywood Makeup Secrets

9 Everlasting Beauty and Makeup Secrets Hollywood Celebrities Pledge by

We are spellbound by the flawless beauty and super glowing skin of our favourite celebrities aren’t we? We all long to get beautiful clear skin like them. Here are 9 timeless beauty secrets flowed by the celebs. People are always interested to read about beauty secrets of hollywood celebrities, the best unknown facts of Makeup and beauty about Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston ,Beyonce Knowles or Selina Gomes

Smile is the best accessory to make you look beautiful

Beyonce Knowles known for her stunning beauty makes us believe that smile adds that extra radiance to the face. Looking happy and gorgeous is only with a good smile.

Beyonce Knowles, Beauty Secrets

Invest in your eye cream

An eye cream is an investment says the beautiful Kate Winslet, who has won our hearts with her beauty. She says a good eye cream restores and maintains the delicate skin under the eye and takes good care of the puffiness and dark circles.

Use Facial oils

Beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow is amazed with the feeling of light oil on her face, she keeps retinol-based facial oil handy and the results are amazing. To revolutionize skin care you should use facial oils.

Use blow dryer on your lash curler

Gorgeous Isla Fisher to get better lash curls uses a blow dryer on the lash curler. To use this trick take the hair dryer close to the eye lash curler for sometime before using lash curler. This technique makes the curls more distinctive and lasts long.


Use petroleum jelly on eye lids

For that shiny lids use petroleum jelly a trick used by Frieda Pinto. For that angelic eyes use petroleum jelly on eyeshadow.

Make your lips pink naturally

Everyone loves luscious pink pout Halle Berry adorns; she uses a simple yet effective trick to get those pink puckers. For that natural pink lips she first lace her lips with red lipstick and cleans it off, and then lace it again with clear gloss over the mark.

A bronzer adds a different touch to the makeup

Bring life to your skin with shimmery bronzer just like our gorgeous Eva Mendes does. This makeup will make you look radiant and alive, blend your moisturiser with some bronzer for that goddess look. Beauty secrets, celebrity beauty secrets, best celebrity beauty secrets, kim k beauty secrets, kim kardashian beauty, jennifer aniston beauty

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Go for no makeup look

Liv Tyler gave us the secret to don that no-makeup look. Her technique to seamless no-makeup look is different, apply a foundation with blush, just dab your face with semi transparent powder, later a spray of rose water mist covered with a tissue for few seconds. Here you have a healthy look without layers.

Using lipstick on your cheeks

Jewel Kilcher Grammy Award winner showed us the unique way of using lip stain, she choose tp wear a lip stain on her cheeks and then applies a total to medium coverage foundation and dabs some powder for pink rosy flush on the cheeks.


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