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How TikTok Girl Garima Chaurasia Became A Star in 1 year ?

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Garima’s Story of Being Quick Celebrity !

Garima Chaurasia popularly known as Gima Ashi on TikTok and Instagram  is a famous Indian model, social Media  influencer from Haridwar, India. She is known for her superb dance moves and lip-sync, comedy clips on Tik Tok. Garima has a huge fan base on TikTok and Instagram with 14 Millions and 2 Millions respectively. She is a crowned muser and primarily came into limelight when she makes the video Song “Boht Hard”. Check out Garima Chaurasia Age, Height, Family, Images, Instagram, Boyfriend, Biography & More.

Garima Chaurasia always tries to maintain her physical fitness as she wants to be an actress. Her height is nearly 5.7 Inches and weight is about 56 kg.  Her smile is exceptionally charming, eyes are black and very beautiful. The hair color of Garima is also black which suits her very much. Facing many interviews Garmia has conveyed that she and her friend has been together posting small videos, content on social media platforms like Instagram tiktok and facebook but their one duet song “Bhot Hard” was unbelievably successful, they couldn’t have imagined and after that particular video her story of social media success began.  She became an instant celebrity overnight, that’s the power of social media.

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Garmia Became Social Media Celebrity after she got recognised for her excellent dancing and acting abilities

About Garima Chaurasia’s Life, Education and Place She Belongs

On personal information Garima Chaurasia was born in Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India. Currently, she lives in Mumbai, the state of Maharashtra in India. Regarding her education, she attended Swami Hariharanand Public School in student life, later, she joined the College of Engineering Roorkee.

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Garima recently got popular after posting her dancing video on Tik Tok performing on Emiway Bantai over song Bohat Hard. Garima Chaurasia is famous on Tik Tok Day by Day and she has also a Model from Mumbai, India. Garima is a big foodie, she famous with her friend Rugees Viniti. Garima has endorsed many products like Healthvit Products ex. Additionally She is a Fitness Enthusiast.

Garima Chaurasia has done a Love story video on Shivam Singh YouTube Channel. Now She when Uploading new video she getting 1 Million + like and her Tik Tok Follower is 2.8 Million +


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