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India’s Top Fitness Models

India’s Top Fitness Models

Good appearances run in a family but to maintain those looks it not at all easy. Being a public figure model have to look active and fit always. Form their eating habits to waking up early in the morning and work out constantly, they have to fight hard in order to maintain themselves. Male modeling is carving a bigger and bigger spot in its industry and becoming an icon in their individual truths. The constant workouts, the six-pack abs, the muscular body would definitely won’t be easy to maintain but with a dedication and passion. Here is the list of some Indian male models who have improved the value of men apparels.

Satyam Kaul

Satyam Kaul is a 25-year-old athlete from Chandigarh, he also is known as Goldi because in 2016 he took 16gold medals back to back in all men’s physique match. He was trained by a famous fitness expert, Hope Track. Satyam started working out from 18, a competitive sportsperson who is very strict to his diet and ready to bag more golds in the upcoming championship.

Satyam Kaul Indian Fitness Male Model

Jitender Rajput

Jitender Rajput is one of the most encouraging and motivational fitness models in the Indian fitness industry. He has 22 years of experience as a professional Gym Instructor, Personal Trainers, online Trainer, and Fitness and fashion model. He is high a -level fitness enthusiast in India.

Top Indian Fitness Model, Jitender Rajput, Indian Model JItender Rajout

Pankaj Gajwani

Kanpur based fitness model, Pankaj Gajwani, he has participated in many events across the country. He is 27-year old; his successes include a Silver medal in Jerai Classic 2016, Sheru Classic bronze 2016, Mr. India 2016, Jerai Classic 2017, Mr. Olympia Amateur 2017, bronze medal in men’s physique 3 times and Mr. U.P. He is also an online fitness trainer too.

Pankaj Gajwani Indian Fitness Model

Updesh Saluja

Udesh Saluja is a transformation professional to celebrities. He is also a fitness model and motivational speaker. Updesh has been serving fitness for 10 years. Also, he was covered by NDTV and Mtunes where he has seen training actress Urvashi Rautela.

Updesh Saluja Fitness Model

Sangeet Nath

Sangeet Nath is a men’s physique and muscle model athlete by profession and a senior personal trainer and transformation expert by professional. He started his career as a bodybuilder, he is certified as a fitness expert. His experience, knowledge, grounded nature and dedication makes him stand out in today’s competitive fitness world. Also, he has done his strength and conditioning certificate and he is certified as a functional trainer.

Sangeet Nath fitness Model, Indian Fitness Model


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