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Mens Latest Fashion Trends by Instagrammer Mariano Di Vaio

Instagrammer Mariano Di Vaio Fashion Styles Are Getting Viral

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Mariano Di Vaio – The Fashion Blogger, Handsome Model  from Italy is Rocking with Style Statements !

Mariano Di Vaio is an Italian blogger, fashion designer and actor. He has been a brand-ambassador for Hugo Boss, Maserati and Omega SA. His first published book is My Dream Job. He launched his line of jewels, MDV Jewels, a collection of shoes, MDV Shoes, and his Eyewear collection, MDV Eyewear. Recently his style statements and casual dressing sense has taken internet by storm, from being the most sought male fashion influencer on instagram, Mariano Di Vaio has become top male model and celebrity around the world.

Mariano Di Vaio , the influencer-entrepreneur who invoices 10 million euros , focuses on Italy and, specifically, on his Perugia .

The king of Instagram with 6 million followers (10 if we also count Facebook and Twitter), born in Assisi, born in 1989, today is the most famous Italian blogger in the world.

The stages of a great success

Before becoming a fashion blogger, Mariano di Vaio left his city to become a model. He has worked for the most established brands in the world, such as Hugo Boss, Roberto Cavalli, Cucinelli and Tommy Hilfiger.

“When I opened the first blog, everything was against me, I didn’t have a single bet in favor. I had just returned from London where I had been a waiter, a dishwasher, in short, all the jobs that would allow me to learn English. I didn’t want and couldn’t betray my family’s expectations. I asked a friend of mine how much it cost to open a site. He told me: € 9.90 per year. So it all started: with my wife, then my partner, who took pictures of me and an almost bizarre idea “.

At the beginning of 2018, Forbes crowned him in first place in the ranking of the most powerful men under 30 in the world for the retail / e-commerce category in the fashion sector.

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Mariano Di Vaio , the influencer-entrepreneur who invoices 10 million euros , focuses on Italy and, specifically, on his Perugia .


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