Modernisation of Indian Beauty Brands

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Modernisation of Indian Beauty Brands

From the time when ancient women have been using numerous helps to boost their beauty. Among the ancient period and the advancement of scientific methods, we have looked at the amazing development of the beauty and cosmetic business. We have also seen the modernisation of beauty treatments from ancient Egypt to nowadays. We have experienced the heights of product modernisation, with study and growth of beautifying methods. Latest components are being studied and used and afterward advertised as the next best beauty discovery. Even components from ancient texts are being combined with scientific methods to formulate beauty products.

The following beauty brands which is inspired by Ayurveda.

Arya Essentials

With including all-natural ingredients, Arya Essentials consult using Ayurvedic doctors to produce their skincare products. The Arya anti-aging range is based on the “Three Pillars of Beauty”, from ancient Indian ritual: Roopam, inner beauty, Vayastyg, lasting beauty.

Indian Herbal and Ayurveda Cosmetic Brands

Ayurveda Pura Holistic Essentials

Ayurveda Pura, Ayurvedic beauty brand, is developed in London. It is devoted to carrying “a nourishing body, glowing beauty and a long life” to Westerners. Their complete requirements limit contains toners, exfoliators, cleansers and more.

Just Herbs

It pleasures the problem on its range of splendid Ayurvedic products for glowing skin, hair and healthy body.

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Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda is founded in India and it speedily developed worldwide appreciated thank you to  its organic, vegan products, all established in respect of Ayurvedic values. Their wide range contains products for hair, skin and body.

Mauli Rituals

Mauli Rituals develops amazing products such as lotion, salts, oils, etc, and packs them up in attractive wrapping that will immediately update your bathroom.


OmVeda, one of the first Ayurvedic skincare brand in Australia and it features a complete variety of cosmetics, from conditioners to natural hair colors, these all produced from a base of beeswax, sunflower oil, almond oil, sesame oil, and purified water.


Sahajan is one of the organic skincare brand, it is developed around the values of Ayurveda. Sahajan creams, oils, and serums are made from lovely ingredients like coconut oil, neem oil and honey, every time with a commitment to our bodies and our environment.


Skinyoga is founded by three sisters born in India, its splendid variety contains such fascinating products as an almond orange face scrub and marigold foot soak, all developed with Ayurvedic methods.


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