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Small Foundations for Becoming a Model

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The Basic Foundation of Being a Model starts with having a professional portfolio . Your model portfolio is like your resume. It’s what you use to approach agencies with and what agencies use to represent you. Our fifth tip on how to become a male model is to build a high caliber portfolio. Having an amateur portfolio is like having a hand-written resume. Don’t sell yourself short!


Our second tip on how to become a male model is to familiarise yourself with being on camera. It’s normal to feel nervous at first, but the more practice you get in front of the camera the more natural it will become.

Being Model Tips and Ethics


There is more to modelling than natural good looks. You need to learn your angles and how to work them for the photographer. Nobody has a 100% symmetrical face and therefore it’s important for models to practice in front of the mirror and learn what works.


Like any career, modelling requires an investment of time and money when starting out. You don’t just wake up one day with experience, a portfolio and agency representation (unless of course you’re Jordan Barrett).


Do you have ripped abs perfect for fitness modelling? Or long legs and a chiselled jaw ideal for runway? Our first tip on how to become a male model is to discover your strengths and which type of modelling you are best suited to. This will help you narrow your focus when approaching agencies and starting out in your career.


It’s all well and good to have a professional portfolio but if you don’t gain exposure then how are you supposed to find work? These days a lot of models are scouted on Instagram and other social networking sites. Create a professional account separate to your personal one and start tagging modelling agencies in your posts!


There are dozens of ways to build connections in the modelling industry. Online groups like ‘Melbourne Creative Network’ or ‘Last Minute Models’ are a good place to start. Even volunteering on unpaid jobs can help get your name out there as a model. Our seventh tip on how to become a male model is to network!


Some people prefer to take the freelance modelling route – however our eighth tip on how to become a male model is sign with an agency. Both have their perks, but having an agency means that the big job of finding clients is looked after for you.


As a model you will need to recognize a red flag when you see one. As a rule of thumb – if an agency asks for a yearly fee to be signed with them, they probably aren’t the best agency to go with. Also remember to keep a paper trail of all payment agreements – the fashion industry is notorious for people not getting paid properly!


Some models get work instantly and some models never make it. Truth is, there is no knowing the outcome. Our last tip on how to become a male model is to be persistent. Just because you don’t get accepted the first time doesn’t mean you won’t the second, third or fourth time. You need thick skin to make it in the modelling industry and persistence pays. So, think you’ve got what it takes to become a male model? For a free modelling consultation, submit an enquiry form below.


Tips to Remember Being a Model

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