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Supermodel Makeup Tips

Super Model Makeup Tips

Secrets of Super Model Make Up Tips

When it comes to beauty, every woman wants to look beautiful and perfect just like a professional model look. Women should care about how she looks and should care about their skin. Sometimes we think that these professional models how can look perfect and beautiful 24/7? This question always in every women mind, an actress like Adriana Lima, Gisele Bundchen might seem like they walk around just like a princess, these actresses are naturally looking beautiful but also have a few secret tricks to achieve that perfect look like model or actresses. If you want to achieve that gorgeous, breath-taking look then here are some secrets of model makeup tips. Let’s check it out.

Plump Lips

One of the highlights of your face is your lips. Plums lips are not about thickness, it is all about health, hydration, and smoothness. There are some women they many coats of lipstick and lip gloss to get stunning plump lips. You should care about that after applying all these on your lips what it will react, sometimes it goes wrong. So, save yourself simply apply a little bit of pencil liner which is alike to the shade of your lips near the outside of your lip line, and then apply a generous amount of lip gloss for a plump, shimmery effect that amazes your look.

Smoky Eyes

One of the most beautiful and gorgeous parts of a woman’s face is eyes. That smoky color looks so attractive that highlight your face. People think that the style of a smoky eye takes a huge time and practice to get, but nothing to worry. Always start with a base, apply a primer across the eyelid. With a soft grey eye pencil, apply a line above the eye & use a smudger to quietly mix together the color into a smudgy, smoky effect. For the finishing touch, apply dark mascara.

Dark Red Lips

Dark Red Lips are perfect attention- grabbers, they are sexy, elegant, and great for any time. First, you must put on concealer on your lips, then use your lip pencil in a shade that matches your red lipstick to outline the whole lip line. After that apply two shades of lipstick, one lighter and one darker. Apply darker lipstick throughout the length of your complete upper and lower lip and use lighter lipstick as a highlighter by using in the middle of your lips only. This is one of the best secrets of model makeup.

Highlighting and Contouring

Highlighting and Contouring makeup is the latest trend in beauty now. First, you should find out your face shape when highlighting and contouring and it essential to get that perfect model makeup look. Then use foundation, cream based or powder products. Use two shades of concealer, one lighter than your skin tone and one darker than your skin tone. Apply lighter or brighter around the eyes for a more natural look. A darker shade of concealer around the jaw and cheeks to create a slimming effect. And you get an amazing look like models. This is also the best secret of model makeup look; some people don’t even know about this.

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Tinted Moisturizer

Many people struggle with their dry skin even models also. But you must know that your skin is receiving adequate moisture so you can look natural and vibrant. You should use a tinted moisturizer, this keeps your face feeling smooth and looking fresh, it also hides dark spots and other skin problems.


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