5 Things to Avoid with Wet Hairs

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5 Things to Avoid with Wet Hairs

Hair is an essential element of your daily routine, it is in its most susceptible state when it’s wet, here are 5 things to avoid with wet hairs. You should follow these tips to maintain healthy, and split end-free strands.

Leaving it soaked for a long period of time

Water damages hair, so the longer your hair stays soaked, it becomes more delicate. When you wash your hair with the right shampoo, then dry your hair post-shower instead of letting it air-dry naturally or sleep with them wet. You can rub your hair to remove extra water, and also you can wrap a towel around the hair to rest it on top of the head for a few minutes. Apply a conditioner or a light serum to make sure you lock in the moisture in your hair.

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Brushing your hair from the roots to the ends

Before using a brush, first, untangle knots with your fingers, which will be soothing on the hair. Brush your wet hair using a wide-tooth comb and first starts at the ends and it will help you way up to the root to avoid producing damage and cracking.

Do not tie your hair

Already your hair is getting stretched though it is wet, so do not tie your wet hair. You can use a scarf or use snag-free flexible bands to tie it freely. Before wearing your hair up, must dry your hair completely, use a soft Eleatic that won’t pull on your hair, and it switches it up with looser styles every once in a while.

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How to Take Care of Wet Hairs are Home

Using a wet-to-dry styling tool

You should careful while using any hot tools that are designed to style hair while it’s wet. Before using any hot tool in wet hair, you should apply a heat protecting serum. This will help you retain the moisture while also giving you the style you want. 

Use an oil-based heat protectant

Be cautious when you are using oil-based procedures as a heat protectant as some oils have low smoke points and it can also create inhale, slowing down your brush as you dry your hair. Apply a lightweight leave-in conditioner, as well a pure oil alone will probably leave you with dry, and delicate features.


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